About Us

Southern Conservation Corp. Southern Conservation Corp, SCC, is a domestic non-profit organization formed under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service’s regulations. SCC was founded in 2003 in an effort help federal, state, and local agencies and governments and private landowners protect and conserve important land and wildlife habitat in the southeastern United States.

SCC celebrated its 10th Anniversary as a conservation land trust in 2013. Over the last 10 years, SCC has relied on a variety of partners to complete its work. Some of our partners are acknowledged in our project summary page but we'd like to further recognize and gratefully thank all of our partners. Southern Conservation Corp looks forward to our next 10 years!

We have a dual mission –

First, we assist federal, state, and local agencies with the acquisition of important wildlife habitats in an effort to protect native flora and fauna, especially endangered and other rare species.

Second, we acquire properties that are significantly degraded and work with our federal, state, and local agency partners to restore and enhance those properties in an effort to provide high quality wildlife habitats.